Polyacetat (POM C)

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Polyacetals are highly crystalline thermoplastics, characterised by their high mechanical strength, rigidity and impact resistance. Acetal absorbs very little moisture, enabling the product to maintain constant physical properties in a variety of changing environments. POM exhibits excellent dimensional stability and is ideally suited to close tolerance of mechanical parts.


Key characteristics:
  • High mechanical strength and rigidity
  • High impact strength and creep resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability and machinability
  • Low moisture absorptlon
  • Good electrical insulating and dielectric properties
  • No centreline porosity in copolymer grades
  • Suitable for food contact

Standard extruded
Polyoxymethylene (Polyacetal) grades):
POM C (Acetal copolymer, natural, black, various)

The copolymer grade is the ideal combination of strength, stiffness and wear resistance. It absorbs very little moisture, is easily machinable and is genuinely porosity-free, making it the preferred grade for food contact and medical applications. The product exhibits an elevated resistance to hydrolysis, strong alkalis and thermal-oxidative degradation when compared to acetal homopolymer.

POM CPE (Acetal copolymer + PE) (blue)
Self-lubrication is achieved by the incorporation of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene to the copolymer grade, improving sliding, dry-running and abrasion resistance properties. The material also has extremely low moisture absorption, helping to improve component dimensional stability.

POM C GF (Acetal copolymer + 30% glass fibre) (white, black)
This copolymer grade is reinforced with glass fibre to achieve greater mechanical strength, rigidity and dimensional stability. The material also exhibits higher heat resistant properties.

POM H Acetal Homopolymer (Delrin®) (white, black)
The homopolymer grade exhibits slightly higher mechanical properties, illustrated in the hardness, rigidity and creep resistance. The material also demonstrates elevated wear resistance and has a lower thermal expansion rate than acetal copolymer.

POM HT Acetal Homopolymer + PTFE (Delrin®) (brown)
The inclusion of Teflon® fibres uniformly dispersed in the compound improves the products frictional and sliding capabilities, improving wear and stick/slip behaviour.





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