Polyethylen (PE)

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Polyethylene is highly resistant to chemical agents, absorbs little water and has good electrical properties. It is normally used within a temperature range of - 40ºC to + 80ºC. PE is resistant to water, saline solutions, acids, alkalis, alcohol and petrol.

Below 60°C PE is insoluble in all organic solvents. The use of certain types of high density PE is permitted for the manufacture of containers for fuel oils and for fuel tanks. PE is tasteless, odourless and is physiologically harmless and is suitable for use in the food sector. PE can be welded easily using traditional welding systems. Because of its non-polarity and its poor adhesiveness, PE is difficult to glue and to decorate. The surfaces of PE can be printed, painted or glued using contact glue only after a pre-treatment with plasma oxidation, or with luminescent discharge, oxidising flame, ozone or in a solution of chromic acid. When mechanically processing PE care must be taken not to allow the material to overheat.


Application areas:

Engineering, chemical, electrical, advertising and food sectors.
Examples: Parts for the chemical industry, boxes and containers, linings for hoppers and chutes, pump components, sliding components, rollers, gears, guide tracks and cutting boards.





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