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Polyamides, commonly referred to as Nylons, are macromolecular, partially crystalline thermoplastics. Their physical properties are mainly determined by the composition and structure of their molecular chains. Their combined strengths and characteristics position them as obvious first choice materials for all components, subject to structural and wear conditions, in mechanical and plant engineering environments.



Key characteristics:
  • Excellent sliding and wear properties
  • Perfect balance of mechanical strength, toughness and rigidity
  • Good electrical insulating properties
  • Various FDA compliant grades available Standard extruded Polyamide (Nylon) grades: PA 6E (natural, black)

This general-purpose grade offers an excellent blend of mechanical and impact strength, vibration damping and wear resistance. Complimenting these properties are good electrical insulation and favourable chemical resistance.


PA 6CC (black)
The compound incorporates a uniformly dispersed solid lubricant; demonstrating improved frictional properties and wear resistance while retaining excellent impact strength and damping capacity.

PA 6.6 (natural, black)
This grade is noted for its elevated mechanical strength, rigidity, abrasion and heat resistance. Its impact strength and vibration damping abilities are reduced when compared to PA 6, making this the preferred extruded grade for highly stressed, thermally loaded components.

PA 6.6E + MoS2 (black)
The altered crystalline structure created by the nucleating effect of the molybdenum disulphide improves the dimensional stability of this modifi ed PA 66. Improved rigidity enhances the material‘s bearing and wear resistance properties.

PA 12E (natural, black)
PA 12 E exhibits greater dimensional stability and superior insulating properties due to its low moisture absorption. It also demonstrates improved thermal stability and better chemical resistance when compared to PA 6.



Standard casted-Polyamide:

PA 6 G (natural, black + others)

PA 6 C has similar characteristics as PA 66 E. Cast Nylon has an outstanding wear, abrasion resistance lubricity and low coefficient of friction. A wide load, speed and temperature operating range which allows small tolerances.

PA 6 G + MoS2 (black)
Fine particles of molybdenum disulphide provides enhanced load bearing capabilities whilst retaining PA‘s excellent frictional characteristics.





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